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    Hier geht es zum "How 2 Apply" in Deutsch.

    Here you see can the explanation on "How 2 Apply" for NovolineHook in english.

    If you want to apply follow the steps down below and click on this link. :

    Here you can see an example for the application with the minimum requirements. :

    Note: Please create a complete and detailed application!
    If you don't, you may get asked to provide us with more detailed informations.

    You may get invited to a personal Interview on our Teamspeak Server.

    Please note that we respond to the messages / applications via smartphone.
    Usually, we will be present at Teamspeak in the afternoon ( GMT+2 ).

    Soon afterwards we discuss and judge about your application.
    You will get noticed about our decision and your application status will change to
    Also you will receive access to the "Approved Member Forum".
    There you will see further instructions about how to buy the hack and how to conclude the payment.
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